About Pogg

Pogg was written by Octavi Estapé. Pogg is the wrapper that allows to access easily the ogg video and its Theora stream from Java and Processing.

The most important part of Pogg is the Ogg and Theora libraries from the cortado applet. Cortado is released under the GPL but many of its internal libraries are LGPL. Only these LGPL files were used for Pogg.

  • The Ogg and Vorbis library (com.jcratf.jogg and com.jcraft.jorbis) were written by ymnk, JCraft, Inc.
  • The Theora library (com.fluendo.jheora) was written by Fluendo S.L.
  • The plugins (com.fluendo.plugin) were written by Wim Taymans. They have been adapted to Pogg (pogg.plugins) by Octavi Estapé.
  • Some LGPL classes of the player and other examples were written by Wim Taymans and Maik Merten. Pogg is based on them.
  • The LGPL utility classes (that substitute the original Cortado GPL classes) were written by Robert Harder and Octavi Estapé.
  • Cortado and its libraries are being developed at the Xiph.Org Foundation

Some examples and interfaces were adapted from the ones in Processing.org written by Ben Fry and Casey Reas.

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