Telecommunications Engineering Final Project

I presented my final project on Telecommunication Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in 2002. After four years studying at ETSETB (UPC), I passed a year doing some subjects and then did my final project at the Politecnico di Torino and I achieved a Double Degree on Telecommunication Engineering.

The original title of my final project was “Integrazione della visione in un sistema di automazione globale” that means “Integration of vision in a global automation system”. I learned programming in Java Media Framework for the transmission of video over Internet and also for its processing. The package that I implemented processes the images and generates events. This package can be used for any application of automatic control. This way you can use a webcam as any other sensor. For example I wrote an application that controlled a robot seeking a piece of paper.

You can read a summary in Spanish or in Italian, watch the PowerPoint presentation or download the complete document (in Italian).


There are a couple of videos of an application of the framework I developed:

It's a small Lego Mindstorms robot controlled by a PC. The PC processes the images captured by a webcam situated over the robot, identifies the position and orientation of the robot and the target (the light blue piece of paper). Then sends commands to the motors of the robot to move it towards the target

How does it work?

From the original image, some colors are segmented and an event for each color is sent to the controlling application. The event contains the area, the baricenter and the bounding box.


In the example application, the system detects the red, green and blue colors. You can also represent the information of the events with a circle centered at the baricenter, with the area of the detected region and also a rectangle that corresponds to the bounding box.


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